Anke Lachmuth

Åsa Lundström

Christoph Himmel

Diana Danquah

Elke Rüss

Gesa Mähler


Heike Mende

Hendrik Schaulin

Katharina Koppenwallner

Nina Lemm

Patrick Rinkel

Shirin Abbas

Sue Dietz

Tania Hohenhövel

Tanja Rose

Tini Rathe

Hair Make-up

Alexander Auschill

Anja C. Pagel

Astrid Scheppan (vorm. Glänzel)

Bert Kietzerow

Birgit Kranzl

Claudia Cammann

Daniela Vroesch

Julia Sergienko

Maike Albeck

Maiken Ross

Rebecca J. Herrmann

Sabine Wicker


Arndt von Hoff

Diana Danquah / Styling - Jako-O

Kids & colours, optimistic and easy —  kids fashion styled by Diana and shot by photographer Miriam Lindthaler c/o Tobias Bosch.

Asa Lundström / Styling - Coeur de Lion

Asa styled Chris Tribelhorn's  shoot for critically acclaimed jewellery brand Coeur de Lion.

Anke Lachmuth / Styling - Van Laack

What's next? Anke styled the shoot of the spring/summer collection 2015 for client Van Laack. Photographer: Alex Schier AD: Friederike Näscher Agency: Näscher und Näscher

Daniela Vroesch / Hair Make-up - Manual Magazine

A men's summer fashion editorial for recently launched Manual magazine by Daniela with photographer Robert Grischek c/o Klein Photographen.

Anja C. Pagel / Hair Make-up - BreuningerLand

Now on air: New campaign images by Anja for department store Breuninger. Photographer: Sonja Tobias c/o kombinatrotweiss

Katharina Koppenwallner / Styling - Hornbach

Always big fun! New campaign shots for Germany's most entertaining DIY-Store by Maak Roberts c/o kombinatrotweiss, styled by Katharina. Agency: Heimat

Gesa Mähler / Styling - Personal Project

Round about midnight — A cool late night street story styled by Gesa and shot by Michael Heinsen c/o kombinatrotweiss

Anja C. Pagel / Hair Make-up - Personal Project

Alive! Anja teamed up with photographer Sonja Tobias for this shoot. 

Tini Rathe / Styling - HUF Magazine

Flowers — kind of mystique approach to the theme, editorial styled by Tini and shot by Christian Bendel.

Birgit Kranzl / Hair Make-up - Personal Work

Sheer beauty! A beauty shot by Birgit with photographer Eike Rieche.

Bert Kietzerow / Hair Make-up - Olsen F/W 2014

Bert teamed up with fashion photographer Andreas Ortner c/o Schierke for the shoot of the new Olsen fall/winter collection. CD: Stefanie Thode Agency: Karsten Pohlai

Nina Lemm / Set Design - 4 Seasons Project Episode 2

Creative Director Sascha Dettweiler, photographer Frank Stöckel c/o Lila Management and Nina teamed up again for the personal project 4 SEASONS. In chapter 2, just right in the heat of July, they deliver an inspiring impression of Summer. Special thanks to: Grashoff & Jank, sets / Axis Mundi, props/ Maik Przybylski, postproduction (Albert Bauer Studios)

Alexander Auschill / Hair Make-up - Anson's

On sunny Ibiza Alexander teamed up with photographer Marcel Hartmann c/o Brigitta Horvat for the shoot of Ansons's men collection.

Arndt von Hoff / Modelmaking - Der Spiegel

A pop & pill art interpretation of a classic theme by Arndt for Germany's leading news magazine. Photographer Jörg Kritzer c/o PAM Mirjam Böhm

Anke Lachmuth / Styling - Buffalo S/S 2014

The new collection of client Buffalo with styling by Anke. Photographer: Tim Thiel c/o Birgit Stöver Agency: Lepetitmax


We love it! Bert shot with Horst Diekgerdes c/o Shotview for Zalando Creative Director: Cathy Boom, Artbuying: Claudia Bußjäger

Katharina Koppenwallner / Styling - Skoda

Tour de Fans — a promotion idea of Skoda for this year's Tour de France. Katharina styled the shoot of photographer Anatol Kotte.

Julia Sergienko / Hair Make-up - Noble Project

Julia recently worked for fair fashion label Noble Project with photographer Denys Karlinskyy.

Astrid Glänzel / Hair Make-up - Teaser Magazine

"Joyride" — a fashion editorial, shot in South Africa by photographer Petra van Raaij ( c/o kombinatrotweiss) featuring Astrid and her art for the new issue of the magazine.

Nina Lemm / Set Design - Four Seasons Project

Creative Director Sascha Dettweiler, photographer Frank Stöckel c/o Lila Management and Nina recently teamed up for the personal project 4 SEASONS. Spring is the first chapter of the inspiring visualisation. Special thanks to: Grashoff & Jank, sets / Axis Mundi, props/ Maik Przybylski, postproduction (Albert Bauer Studios)

ADC 2014: Arndt von Hoff, Maike Albeck, Rebecca J. Herrmann, Sue Dietz

ADC 2014: Arndt von Hoff, Maike Albeck, Rebecca J. Herrmann, Sue Dietz

Alexander Auschill / Hair Make-up - Jacques Britt

Alexander teamed up with photographer Olff Appold for the shoot of the Fall / Winter collection 2014 of fashion client Jacques Britt. Agency: Icon, CD: Stefan Hägerling

Hendrik Schaulin / Styling & Rebecca J. Herrmann / Hair Make-up

Kind of british, isn't it? Liganord artists Hendrik und Rebecca created the perfectly matching style for photographer Esther Haase's (c/o Schierke) shooting of the S/S collection 2014 of client Burlington.

Bert Kietzerow / Hair Make-up -Hamburg Eyewear

Sun, sun here it comes! Bert teaming up with photographer Nic Frechen for the shoot of the new Hamburg Eyewear collection.

Maiken Ross / Hair Make-Up - Jan Delay / Rolling Stone

Let there be rock: Maiken teamed up with Hauser photographer Benno Kraehahn to shoot german HipHop/Reggae/Soul & and now rocking star Jan Delay for the german issue of the magazine on diverse locations of his homebase Hamburg.

Christoph Himmel / Styling - Patisserie Walter / German Design Award

Delicious! The catalogue of german premium Patisserie Walter received the Design Award 2014 of the German Design Council. Congrats to the creative forces: Christoph Himmel / Styling, Reinhard Hunger / Photography (c/o Bransch) und Marcus Kraus /Art Director.