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Elke Rüss

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Sue Dietz

Tania Hohenhövel

Tanja Rose

Tini Rathe

Hair Make-up

Alexander Auschill

Anja C. Pagel

Astrid Scheppan (vorm. Glänzel)

Bert Kietzerow

Birgit Kranzl

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Daniela Vroesch

Helena Narra

Maike Albeck

Maiken Arndts (Vorm. Ross)

Rebecca J. Herrmann

Sabine Wicker


Arndt von Hoff

Tini Rathe / Styling - Superior Magazine

Hannah — a fashion editorial by Tini for the current issue of Superior Magazine. Photographer: Steffen Hofemann c/o Take Agency

Alexandra Heckel / Styling - L'Officiel Ukraine

Alexandra styled the cover shoot of the current issue of L'Officiel magazine. Photography by Tamara Arne.

Sue Dietz / Styling & Maike Albeck / Hair Make-up - Six Million Glasses

On the sunny side of the street – optical wear shot by Klaus Merz c/o Klein Photographen with creative support of Sue & Maike.

Hendrik Schaulin / Styling - Burlington F/W 2015/16

And again: Extraordinary styles by Hendrik for client Burlington, staged by photographer Esther Haase c/o Schierke Artists.


Sun, sun, sun — Nivea Sun. New campaign images styled by Gilda. Photographer: Daniel Chassein c/o Hauser Fotografen

Christoph Himmel / Styling - Women's Health

A nice one by Christoph with photographer Jan Burwick c/o Wildfox Running.

Helena Narra / Hair Make-up - Vivienne Westwood S/S 2015 shot by Juergen Teller

Kind of wow! Helena became part of quiet an intense campaign shoot on location at Nuremberg Arts Academy staging the labels Red, Gold, MAN, & Jewellery of fashion icon Vivienne Westwood. Actress/Model Paz de la Huerta made a perfect match for Juergen Teller's unique photographic approach. Production: Made in Germany

Elke Rüss / Styling - Bipa

Look by BIPA — styled by Elke and shot by Daniel Roché c/o Shotview.

Gesa Maehler / Styling & Astrid Scheppan / Hair Make-up - O2

Astrid and Gesa teamed up with photographer Gerhard Linnekogel c/o Schierke Artists for the campaign shoot of client O2.

Astrid Scheppan / Hair Make-Up - Sleek Magazine

Polina Semionova x Nicolaus Schafhausen — Astrid worked with Sleek's editor-in-chief, creative director & photographer Mario Lombardo on this exceptional editorial. It shows international celebrated dancer Polina Semionova interpreting works of art, choosen by Kunsthalle Vienna's director Nicolas Schafhausen.

Daniela Vroesch / Hair Make-up - Superior Magazine

Loft 23 - A fashion editorial featuring Daniela's skills, shot by photographer Dennis Gritzke.

Christoph Himmel / Styling - Neff

Delicious & inspiring! Christoph presents the Neff Tutorials –  try the Brioche recipe! 
Production: Superiest Agency: Philipp und Keuntje

Welcome Alexandra Heckel / Styling

Good news: We are looking forward to represent Berlin based stylist Alexandra Heckel from now on. She is busy styling and producing editorials, advertising campaigns, fashion productions and celebrity shoots. Please check her inspiring portfolio! Photo: Björn Giesbrecht for TM Magazine

Helena Narra / Hair Make-up - AXE

Celebrated TV-presenter Joko Winterscheidt staged by photographer Jonas Lindström with Helena for a special promotion of client AXE.

Tanja Rose / Styling - ELLE Croatia

Tanja teamed up with photographer Boris Kralj c/o Klein Photographen to shoot a fashion editorial for the April issue. 

Bert Kietzerow / Hair Make-Up - Marc Aurel Preview Autumn/Winter 2015

A forecast of fashion label Marc Aurel, shot by Frank Widemann c/o Kathrin Hohberg with Bert. Agency: Rogge & Pott Design Group

Bert Kietzerow / Hair Make-up -

An editorial by fashion & beauty expert Bert for One Magazine No. 8, shot by Valeria Mitelman c/o Wildfox Running.

Helena Narra / Hair Make-up - McDonald's Clubhouse

McDonalds's goes premium — Helena joined director Nico Beyer's team for the filming of the "Clubhouse" TVC. Production by Cobblestone

Christoph Himmel / Styling - KULTURSpiegel

"New Masters" — Cover & editorial for SPIEGEL's special culture issue on new literature by Christoph with photographer Reinhard Hunger c/o Bransch.

Diana Danquah / Styling - Impressionen

Diana has been busy lately shooting for fashion mail order brand Impressionen. Photographer: Torsten Ruppert c/o GHP Production: Gudrun Hamann

Sue Dietz / Styling - Sparkasse

Sue styled the shoot of Achim Lippoth c/o Bransch for the financial services campaign of client Sparkasse. Agency: Jung von Matt

Patrick Rinkel / Styling - Fashionette

Patrick and photographer Verena Knemeyer for designer bags online store Fashionette.

Hendrik Schaulin / Styling & Birgit Kranzl / Hair Make-up - Personal Work

Hendrik and Birgit teamed up with photographer Volker Debus and Model Pia c/o Modelwerk for a Margiela Replica inspired fashion shoot.

Seat Mii - Alexander Auschill / Hair Make-up & Diana Danquah / Styling & Arndt von Hoff / Car Prep

Shades of Grey with Seat - Alexander, Diana and Arndt worked together on this exclusive movie spot of Seat - Production: REBEL Productions 

Bert Kietzerow / Hair Make-Up - Marc Aurel

Bert teamed up with photographer Oscar Falk c/o Kathrin Hohberg for this fashion shoot. 
Agency: Rogge & Pott CD: Bianca Ehlebracht 

Maike Albeck / Hair Make-Up - Lever Couture

A shoot by Maike with photographer Timo Kerber for the german fashion label.