Client: Hotel Das kleine Schwarze Hamburg
Democracy, a group show on a basic theme, curated and introduced by Gilda. From the basement to the roof the hotel is filled with different artistic positions, not just in a decorative way, but integrated in the hotel architecture for a period of time. Dorm rooms are transformed to art spaces. Art in transit, just as the hotel guests are.
Participating artists: Martin Schoberer, Kai-Uwe Gundlach, Ralph Baiker, Armin Pflanz, Iren Dymke, Anatol Kotte, Jeff Widener, Astrid Grosser, Yvonne Schmedemann, Aleen Solari, Nina Pfeifer, Bodo Dretzke, Stefan Nimmesgern, Antonina Gern, 4000, Christian Kuhn, Sara-Lena Meyerhofer, Peter Br├╝chmann, Multipress, Madame Peripetie, Franz Falsch, Jochen Manz