Peninah was born in Nairobi, Kenya, as a child of Kenyan/Suisse parents: 1° 17′ S, 36° 49′ O
She grew up in Essen, Germany. After graduating from school, Peninah soon entered the world of photography and became a full-time assistant to a fashion photographer in Düsseldorf. She got in touch with the work of stylists then and straightaway fell in love with this profession. Assisting to several established stylists helped to train and improve her own styling skills before she took the challenge to start her own freelance career in 2013. Since then Peninah is working for fashion editorial shoots and advertising productions. Next to personal attributes of being young, energetic & creative, Peninah shows a passionate work attitude in every job, to simply make the most of it. Truly a win for every shooting team. Peninah is represented by Liganord since 2015 and is based in Berlin.

Keep up with the times, so time won’t pass you by!

Deutsch, Englisch, Swahili